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WHY use Trowbridge Business Web

Duncan and Jackie Short are the owners of Trowbridge Business Web and are proud to bring these services to all Trowbridge Businesses so enabling them to Connect Local People to Local Services.

Duncan has many years of successful experience within the directory market particularly with BT. Throughout those years he gained extensive knowledge of the directory business and has had considerable success for many businesses. Often, businesses would consult with him for advice on the best places to market their product or service. Even so, the directory marketplace is shifting rapidly to the Internet, particularly with the take-up of broadband.The Internet has become a 'way-of-life' and shows no signs of decreasing. This trend is further supported by businesses moving their advertising 'spend' towards the Internet and away from traditional means.

This is where Trowbridge Business Web can help your business gain momentum in this new marketplace. We have three distinct advantages to offer you, our prospective customers: 1. Duncan's knowledge of the directory business, already mentioned, 2. Our knowledge of and experience in using the Internet for business, 3: Our proven capability for building imaginative websites. Jackie brings the relevant skills of her fully qualified staff to create a unique showcase for your business. Review some of the websites we've built within 'Our Portfolio'; Look at our News Items to see evidence of our customers gaining new business from their presence on Trowbridge Business Web or one of our sister sites.

Their 'trademark' is to build sites which are update-able by the customer themselves should they choose to do so. If not, then small changes will be done by Jackie and her team; it goes without saying that major modifications would be subject to an additional charge being made.

Having had your website built or your company advertised through one of our distinguished boxes, you will want to be found by those searching the Internet. Doing nothing will not get your site or box 'noticed' by those searching for your service. The secret to being found is knowing how the search engines of Google, Yahoo or MSN operate, otherwise your company will struggle to appear on any of their pages so minimising your ROI, return on investment. Using Duncan's specialised knowledge of Search Engines, Trowbridge Business Web address this in two ways: a) we ensure that when people search using keywords, e.g. builder trowbridge, Trowbridge Business Web will appear on the front page of Google, b) we offer an additional Search Engine Optimisation package to assist your website to appear on the front page of a Google search. By these means, we believe that we have already gained tremendous results and numerous satisfied businesses.

The team at Trowbridge Business Web also offer ongoing support, knowledge and advice for our customers in addition to the small website changes mentioned above. We are only a call away and often can respond within a very short time-frame.

Duncan, Jackie and team work with many successful businesses in Trowbridge and the surrounding areas and most of their clients are gained by 'word of mouth' such is the reputation they have gained. A brief look at their testimonials will illustrate this.

May we ask you some questions:

   1. Have you a website?
   2. Do you need a professional website?
   3. Do you want your product or service promoted?
   4. Does your existing website achieve good results?
   5. Would you like your website updated?

If you've answered 'Yes' to any of the above, then call us now on: 07809 472817 or 01225 920503

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