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Fishing Equipment

Fishing Equipment Trowbridge

Fishing Equipment Trowbridge
If you’re looking for fishing equipment suppliers in and around the Trowbridge area, look no further than Trowbridge Business Web and our category of fishing equipment suppliers and fishing related services.

Fishing Equipment Trowbridge
We can help you to find suppliers of the following:-

•    Rods, Line and Reels
•    Hooks, Bait, Floats and Sinkers
•    Waders, Nets, Traps and Lures
•    And also Gaffs and Spears

We also list Angling specialists who will take on your commission to custom or hand build a Cane Rod (Fly and Coarse Fishing).

Fishing Equipment Trowbridge
As you’d expect, our specialists design, manufacture and test their rods to a high standard, providing Anglers with the optimum in durability, rod quality and also function – all rods are built to fishing purpose and retail at fair prices. Off the shelf rods are also available and if you take a look at their websites, via their Trowbridge Business Web listing, you can view any current offers that each supplier has.

Fishing Equipment Trowbridge
You’ll find a range of rods available including:-

•    Stalker (Coarse)
•    Specialist Flood Rods
•    Game Fishing rods; R-Series, Priest, Salmon, Stillwater and Saltwater
•    Avon (Coarse)
•    Carp fishing rods
•    GTi (Barbel)
•    GTx (Barbel)

Thank you for stopping by at Trowbridge Business Web – we hope that our fishing equipment category of listings has been useful – don’t forget to leave a recommendation using the ‘Recommend’ button.

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