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There are currently no listings for Fibreglass in Trowbridge

Fibreglass Trowbridge

Fibreglass Trowbridge
Fibreglass is used in the manufacture of GRP or Glass Reinforced:-
  • Plastic Storage Tanks & Housings
  • Commercial Bus, Coach and Lorry Fronts
  • Vehicle Structural Linings
  • Cab Extensions
  • Fascias
  • Columns
  • Finials
  • Cornices
  • Fixtures
  • Industrial Jigs
  • Prototype Models
  • Concrete Moulds
  • Displays
  • Panels
  • Cladding
  • Mouldings
  • Signage.
Check out Trowbridge Business Web and the Fibreglass Trowbridge category of listings for local Fibreglass companies.

Fibreglass Trowbridge
Trowbridge Business Web can help you to locate Fibreglass firms because we include them in our listings for Trowbridge and the surrounding area.

Fibreglass Trowbridge
One of our listed firms is Fibreglass Applications of Westbury. With 39 years within the trade, they produce GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastics) products such as those that are multi-curvature self coloured, fully structural, patterned or plain.  Take a look at their lsitings on Trowbridge Business Web.

Fibreglass Trowbridge
Fibreglass Applications produce accurate pattern work & surface finishing for mould production, to a very high standard.  Their finished products can be supplied for painting or can be fully finished in gloss pigmented gel coat.  You can be assured that Fibreglass Applications' prices are highly competitive.  Take a look at their listing in the Fibreglass Trowbridge category on Trowbridge Business Web to see the range of tasks and projects that they can help you with.

Fibreglass Trowbridge
Fibreglass is also known as Glass Fibre and Fiberglass.  It is used as a reinforcing product for a range of polymer products, which we've already ascertained, however Fibreglass is also used in the production of many other products, such as:-
  • thermal & electrical insulation
  • mats
  • sound absorption
  • high strength fabrics
  • tent poles
  • heat & corrosion resistent fabrics
  • pole vault poles
  • arrows, bows & crossbows
  • translucent roofing panels
  • boat hulls
  • hockey sticks
  • other automobile bodies (such as kit cars)
  • surfboards
  • paper honeycomb
  • medical casts
  • FRP tanks & vessels
Fibreglass is an amazing material - why not use Trowbridge Business Web to help you to locate a Fibreglass manufacturer, supplier or applications specialist in Trowbridge or area by browsing the Fibreglass Trowbridge category.  A sure fire way to find a reputable, reliable, experienced Fibreglass specialist in the Trowbridge area.

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