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Carp Fishing Rods

Carp Fishing Rods Trowbridge

Carp Fishing Rods Trowbridge
The Carp is a magnificent fish, which can live to the fine old age of 30+ and can weigh in at a terrific amount. Let’s take one such specimen– Benson.  Benson was (up until 2009), a truly revered Carp living in the UK in the Bluebell Lakes near Peterborough. Unfortunately he came upon a premature demise due to some nuts being left lying around, which ‘found their way’ into the water and poisoned him. However during his time, he became famous for his size and at his death, weighed in at a fantastic 64lb (29kg). Veteran Carp fishermen no doubt use built for purpose Carp Fishing Rods to catch such monsters and if that’s what you’re looking for, then Trowbridge Business Web’s Carp Fishing Rods category, listing local Trowbridge suppliers and specialists, will be able to help.

Carp Fishing Rods Trowbridge
The Thai fisherman that thought he’d try out his custom made fishing rod one day back in 2007, was in for a surprise – he went out in search of Mekong Catfish, but ended up hauling in a 265lb (120kg) Siamese Giant Carp instead – possibly the largest rod and line caught Carp. As mentioned, you can commission some of our Carp Fishing Rod suppliers (like Peregrine Rods) to hand build your Carp Fishing Rod, or of course, there are ‘off the shelf’ options. Now this might be a good idea if you are trying fishing out as a potential hobby, though Peregrine Rods award winning fishing rods are available at very fair prices, so it’s probably worth popping down to see the specialists in and around the Trowbridge area, to find out what will suit you best.

Carp Fishing Rods Trowbridge
Peregrine Rods custom built Carp Fishing Rods can be made up based on Sportex, Harrison or Century blanks, depending on your own preference and are designed, built and tested for fishing purpose, ensuring that you, the angler, get a rod that’s purpose built, has endurance and is made from high quality materials. We hope you’ve found the Trowbridge Business Web Carp Fishing Rods listings useful – please do come back soon and remember that we list a multitude of trades, suppliers, services and businesses in your area to cut down the search time for you. Whatever service you’re looking for, we can help you to find it quickly.

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